Benefits of an Assistant

 The members of SEVA offer a variety of services to small and large businesses, individuals, schools, non-profit organizations, and more. Services include but are not limited to the following.

  • Answering Service - Your office has closed for the day, but you want a live person to answer the phone to accommodate the after-hour callers, a VA that provides answering services would provide the best solution at reasonable rates.    
  • Bookkeeping Services - You are a small business owner or have a home office, and you need bookkeeping services on the go. The VA will manage your A/P and A/R on a daily or as needed basis, prepare financial statements, manage your entire bookkeeping system, assist with tax preparation, and more. Bookkeeping VAs use popular programs such as QuickBooks, Peachtree Accounting, Simply Accounting, MS Accounting, Quicken, MYOB and more. 
  • BPO and REO Services - Busy Agent often need assistant with many of the tasks required to provide efficient BPO and REO services to the BPO and REO Companies, Asset Management Firms, and Banks. The SEVA BPO and REO Assistant will help you maximize your time by giving you back the time you need to be a productive broker or agent.   
  • Desktop Publishing - You are a new business owner and need promotional materials developed. A VA can create your stationeries, brochures, artwork, business card, informative newsletters and e-Zines, and more. 
  • Database Management - You have a database filled with information and need it updated on a routine basis, a VA can handle that task for you. If you have an abundance of business cards and need the information stored on disk or in a file, a VA can create a database or spreadsheet to handle that task and email you the file. 
  • Executive Services - You are a busy executive always on the go and need a right-hand person to manage your emails, schedule appointment, manage your calendar, and compose documents during emergency situations. A VA will also setup meeting, books travel and entertainment arrangements. 
  • Human Resource Support -You own a small business, and you do all of the hiring. Contact a VA that specializes in human resource support. The VA can post openings, review applications, setup interviews, perform background checks and more. This will reduce your selection process per applicant saving you time and money. 
  • Information Research - You need to perform a market analysis, conduct product research or need more information for your business plan. A VA can do all of the research, and provide you with detailed results. 
  • Mailing Services - You have an abundance of mail-outs but lack the time. A VA can print, stuff, addresses, and deliver your items to the correct courier service. Maybe you need fulfillment services. A VA can process your order, prepare the packages, and ship it. 
  • Memberships and Associations - You have a membership listing and need to make sure renewals are kept up-to-date, mail-out newsletters, plan meetings and events, send out reminders and more, a VA can handle that job and stay on top of everything. 
  • Meeting Coordination Services - You are trying to find creative ways to impress a group of prospects during a business presentation. Contact a VA that specializes in meeting coordination. A VA will put your thoughts on paper, create powerful PowerPoint presentation, order visual-aid equipments, develop your entire meeting agenda, handout, reports, organize the entire meeting from beginning to end, and more.   
  • Real Estate Broker and Agent Support - You are a one-person business and handle everything from marketing to closings management, contact management to web updates. A REVA will work as your assistant behind the scene doing the things you don't have time to do and don't want to do. REVAs used popular programs such as RELAY, Transaction Point, SettlementRoom, Top Producer, AgentOffice, Gurunet and more.   
  • Secretarial Services - You have routine office paperwork that must be completed on a daily basis but don't have the time. By integrating the VA into your office procedures, the paperwork will be completed on time.   
  • Transcription Services - You are a lawyer, motivational coach, trainer, or executive that just finished a powerful presentation on tape and would like to have the entire event captured on paper. The VA can transcribe the information and send it back via email or courier service. 
  • Web Design and Maintenance - You are in need of a website but don't know how to create one. A VA can create a powerful website, submit it to search engines and provide hosting if needed.

Are you ready to work with a SEVA Virtual Assistant? Visit our member directory and review the profile of each member or you can complete a Request for Services and receive multiple information from members interested in partnering with you and/or your company.


Our members are located in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee, U.S. Virgin Islands, Virginia, and West Virginia, and specialize in various areas including but not limited to administrative and clerical services, concierge services, database management, meeting and event management, web design, real estate support services, training, business consulting, bookkeeping, IT Support, and more.


Visit our member directory and each member's profile for more information or feel free to submit a request for price and receive quotes from all members interested in forming a long-term business relationship and solutions to your company's business needs. We are not limited by our location because we do not have boundaries. If your are not a client member, you can fill-out a quick access application so you can post your request immediately.


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