We have all made mistakes along the way. The good thing is that we learned from our mistakes…..hopefully.

Too often we are so eager to retain a client that we put the wagon before the horse and start working on assignments without putting certain protection for our business in place.

Here are a few wise tips from experience:

  • One of the first things we should do is have an initial consultation with ALL potential clients.
  • ALWAYS sign a Work-for-Hire Agreement. Protect everyone!
  • Make sure that the first impression is the best impression from both sides.
  • Always trust your first instincts. All that glitters isn’t gold.
  • If the client is always questioning your prices or starts price haggling, RUN! Chances are you will most likely get stiffed and have to chase your payments.
  • If you charge too much for your services, you won’t have any clients.
  • If you charge too little for your services, you will quickly become overwhelmed because you will quickly find yourself performing menial and unproductive tasks.
  • Remain in communication with your clients. Make it a priority!
  • Outline the forms of communication that will be used. Make sure your contact information is up-to-date.

About Carolyn

Real Estate Professional Assistant supporting real estate brokers and agents around the USA. Specializing in Closing Transaction Mangement Services.
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