When submitting a New Client Package to a potential client, there are several items you should remember to include to promote your business as well as provide detailed instructions regarding the process of working with your business. Keep in mind that how it is sent and the information included is based on the type of client and/or whether or not the client prefer that you send the informaiton via email for faster delivery.

I always include the following items in a white clear view ½ inch binder with a colorful cover page in the front. The “New Client” binder is sent priority mail.

  1. Overview of Services – this document outlines the services of your business in detail.
  2. Schedule of Fees – the schedule of fees outlines all fees that will be charged to the client including any courier and postage fees.
  3. Process & Information Sheet  “How it Works” – the process and information sheet outlines how all projects are submitted, completed, reviewed, and delivered upon final acceptance.
  4. Business Bio – general overview of your business will full contact information.
  5. Samples of Work Completed – ideal for marketing and work that required a lot of writing by an expert copywriter (blogging, web content, letters, etc).
  6. Business Cards for Referrals (15) – feel free to ask your clients for referrals by letting them handout your business cards to those in their network.
  7. Business Referral Post Cards (10) – your clients can also handout your referral post cards to potential referrals.
  8. Reference Request Form – if you are exceeding expectations, as your client for a written reference or testimonial. You can add it to your website or use on future projects.
  9. Service Contract (Based on Services Ordered/Requested) – always have a contract for service in place. You can contact a local attorney or non-profit organization specializing in contract writing for assistance.
  10. Client Information Sheet – full contact iformation of your client.
  11. Client Payment Processing Sheet – outlines how you will get paid, what method is used, and if you are billing the client through a card processing service, you will need additional information such as credit card, etc.

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