Do you show your current and past clients that you care and thank them for all that they have done? Maybe your buyers were exceptional throughout the entire home-buying process, stayed on top of the requirements and was not selfish of your time but worked with you and not against you. Maybe your seller followed every item on the house cleaning checklist, didn’t smoke in the house, kept fresh baked goods on the counter for every showing, or simply made the selling process, “TEAM WORK.” Maybe you met someone at a recent Lowes Home Improvement seminar or in the paint department at Wal-Mart. Are you following up with a Thank You card after a sale or after you meet someone new?

What are you doing?  We are losing touch with clients sometimes because we are such a digital society. We have gadgets that keeps us mobile yet we don’t use those  gadgets to send out a quick note to say thank you by sending out a gift, card, flowers, or a simple, “Hello, I wanted to say thank you.”

Don’t get me wrong! I am all digital and I am always on the lookout for a new toy to add to my collection, however we need to still have the human touch to our business. If you are not sending a “Thank You”  to clients on a regular basis you really need to. 

On a side note, make it personal. Don’t use a card company that digitally writes your name. Also add your business card to the “Thank You”. If you don’t have time to do it, ask your assistant to manage that area with your input.


It is easy to double or triple pay a utility bill due to most utility companies not having a system that will create an invoice number and an account number on each statement. So what do you do? For those that only list an account number, add a hyphen (-) and the month at the end of the account number so you can identify which month you are paying. If you are a QuickBooks user, the software will alert you to duplicate invoice number allowing you the chance to research the invoice before paying.

Example: If you statement does not list a separate invoice number

Account# 80-00012554569

Add the following to the end of the account number when processing through QB -05 (May)

Your invoice “Reference #” will now be entered in to QuickBooks as 80-00012554569-05

The 05 added will alert you to a duplicate payment being made.

Carolyn Nelson
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