Code of Ethics

SEVA Code of Ethics

  • All SEVAG members, Basic and Professional, will make every effort to provide the highest level of services to all clients at all times.
  • All SEVAG members will promote the highest level of client confidentiality and ensure that all client information is secure at all times. Information is only disclosed through a written court order.
  • All SEVAG members will strive to build a relationship with members, potential clients, clients, peers, and other professionals that are goal oriented and strive to achieve successful business.
  • All SEVAG members will strive to maintain high ethical standards at all times.
  • All SEVAG members will avoid or immediately remove themselves from any potential conflict of interest prior to working with a potential client.
  • All SEVAG members will openly disclose to his or her clients any deficiencies in experience and/or skills prior to accepting a partnership.
  • All SEVAG members agree to give credit to and acknowledge all resources if content written by another individual is used on all websites, written materials, and posts are made to forums and list serves.
  • All SEVAG members agree to only list services he or she is qualified in providing and clearly disclose to clients and potential clients if subcontracting our outsourcing services will be necessary.
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