Why Hire A VA?

The purpose of  SEVA client services area is to provide individuals, small and large business, professionals, and those that want to utilize the services of a Virtual Assistant with a listing of current registered members in the Southeast. Each member offers unique services and posses different levels of experience, qualifications, and business services.

We have found that the best way to obtain the services of a qualified professional is to create a job description. It is always best to know in advance, the skills, experience, certifications, and unique qualifications required to perform the job. Once you have completed the job description, you will find that your search for the perfect assistant is just a virtual click away.

Benefits of Hiring a SEVA Virtual Assistant

  • Hiring a Virtual Assistant will save you money and help you take advantage of your most valuable commodity, time.

  • Our members don't need to use your software, equipment, or office space because they have their own office that has been optimize to work effectively and efficiently.

  • Our members seek development opportunities and take advantage of the professional enhancement seminars being offered.

  • Our members are dedicated to providing cost effective ways to increase your profits.

  • Our members strive to remain technology savvy to maximize competitiveness in the international arena.

  • Our clients don't have to incur the extra expense of taxes, benefits, vacation time, and other expenses associated with an onsite assistant or staff.

  • Our clients pay for the actual time worked... no downtime, coffee breaks, and/or absent employee emergencies.

  • Some members offer after-hour and weekend services tailored to meet your business needs.

  • Our members are committed to providing quality and professional services.

  • Our members support professionals locally, nationally, and globally.

  • Our members know how to manage your office and/or tasks from a distance.

Are you ready to partner with a SEVA Virtual Assistant? Your right-hand source for solution is just a click away! Visit our member directory and review the profile of each member or you can complete a
Request for Services and receive multiple information from members interested in partnering with you and/or your company.

Don't limit your success by not obtaining the best solution to your current business needs. Contact a SEVA member and transform your business from Chaos to Success! Take back your greatest commodity, time!

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